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MA'SON grew up playing guitar in church, leading his youth group's worship band. Occasionally during worship, he would feel a rush of tingling energy go up his spine, accompanied by an incredible sense of love. More often, though, standing on stage was a performance of sorts, because underneath the songs and the strumming was a deeply buried fear that all the worship in the world might not be enough to save a soul like his - one that struggled intensely with being gay. After coming out and leaving his religion, he spent 14 days in complete darkness in his bedroom, during which time he met MA, the divine feminine. She gave him the mandate: Love yourself. And MA'SON has been doing that ever since.

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When I rejected my Christian faith, it wasn't because I stopped believing in God. But the judgemental father figure god who would separate himself from me eternally because I wanted a boyfriend? Yeah... no.

It put me on a journey to seek the Divine, whoever it might be, wherever it might be found. I longed for a spiritual awakening like nothing else. Following my heart through the depths of my fears, I found myself spending two weeks in complete darkness in my bedroom, because I had read that mystics had done this as a way to connect with the Divine. As the long days and nights progressed, I began to see a flower opening in the center of my vision. It grew and blossomed slowly, and by the 12th day it was fully formed. Then in a dream, She came.

Her form, that of a grandmother, was not important. It was her knowing eyes filled with tears of love and pride, and the message: "Love yourself". I woke up and the lotus flower sun was shining, with a galaxy of stars and rainbows whirling around it. I cried and I gasped and I cried some more, and then I decided to learn how to love myself.


My guitar was painted by Veronika Rose, a master of visionary art who has trained with Alex Grey. You can visit her site at

In 2018 right before moving to LA, I performed as a music artist at the Orlando Fringe Festival, re-enacting my time in the dark and sharing the medicine music that followed. I really wanted to have a rainbow guitar for the show, and a generous friend agreed to fund the transformation of my normal looking nylon string acoustic.

Now, I can't imagine singing without it. I know you can't tell from the picture, but it even sparkles in sunlight. Truly a work of art. Thanks Veronika!

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