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Mason grew up playing guitar in church, leading his youth group's worship band. Occasionally during worship, he would feel a rush of tingling energy go up his spine, accompanied by an incredible sense of love. More often, though, standing on stage was a performance of sorts, because underneath the songs and the strumming was a deeply buried fear that all the worship in the world might not be enough to save a soul like his - one that struggled intensely with being gay. After coming out and leaving his religion, he spent 14 days in complete darkness in a makeshift vision quest in his bedroom, during which time he met MA, the divine feminine. She gave him the mandate: Love yourself. And Mason has been doing that ever since.

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When I rejected my Christian faith, it wasn't because I stopped believing in God. But the judgemental father figure god who would separate himself from me eternally because I fell in love with another man? Hmm... not working for me.

It put me on a journey to seek the Divine, whoever it might be, wherever it might be found. I longed for a spiritual awakening like nothing else. Following my heart through the depths of my fears, I found myself spending two weeks in complete darkness in my bedroom, because I had read that mystics had done this as a way to connect with the Divine. As the long days and nights progressed, I began to see a flower opening in the center of my vision. It grew and blossomed slowly, and by the 12th day it was fully formed. Then in a dream, She came.

Her form, that of a grandmother, was not important. It was her knowing eyes filled with tears of love and pride, and the message: "Love yourself". I woke up and the lotus flower sun was shining, with a galaxy of stars and rainbows whirling around it. I cried and I gasped and I cried some more, and then I decided to learn how to love myself.


My guitar was painted by Veronika Rose, a master of visionary art who has trained with Alex Grey. You can visit her site at

I know you can't tell from the picture, but it even sparkles in sunlight. Truly a work of art. Thanks Veronika!

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